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, only about 20 percent of furries dress up to express themselves – and, this often has nothing to do with sex.

Hundreds of people take part in a protest march through London's Soho district on International Women's Day against criminalisation of sex work on March 08, 2018 in London, England.

But, in what may come as a surprise to some, many are religious.

Courtney Plante explained in a blog post for Psychology Today earlier this year.

In essence, furries identify with, or are fans of, anthropomorphic animals.

By late March, the Senate had voted to advance the measure (SESTA). Needless to say, tech companies and Internet freedom activists aren’t pleased.

Section 230 has governed the Internet for the past 22 years, which is why major platforms like Craigslist, Reddit and Microsoft have been able to host content that toes the legal line.

Most create a ‘fursona,’ or anthropomorphized animal character for themselves, to interact with the community.

While furries are often associated with the idea of ‘weird fur fetishes,’ the fandom can manifest itself in all sorts of ways, social psychologist Dr.The furry mpa of America: The survey has been conducted annually since 2009, revealing insight on the lives and interests of the furry community.Darker blue states indicate those with a higher concentration of furries The survey asked furries to rank, on a scale of 1 to 10, how important they considered sex.‘Though fluctuations have occurred over the past several years, let’s take a look at the mean,’ the researchers wrote.‘Only around 3 percent apiece rank sex 9 or 10 on a scale of importance—and around 15 percent rated sex a 1 in importance.‘Approximately 9 percent gave it a 3, while around 11 percent said 5.A new study based on nearly a decade of data reveals just 4 percent of furries rank sex an important part of the lifestyle.It’s a common assumption that the furry fandom is dominated by themes of interspecies sex.Interest in the furry community has peaked in recent years, giving way to more extensive studies on the psychology behind the movement.

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