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He even won a Humanitarian of the Year award from Home Depot in 2010.

During Kasey's Rookie of the Year speech, Kasey nervously explained how much Tony had helped him become a better driver and how much his friendship meant to him. Kahne has been heard calling him Smoky and even seems a little star struck still.

Of course all the Earnhardt fans jumped on Sr's comment, and the rumor pretty much stuck. I knew a girl that dated him a while back who says he is really "big". That comment hit DL within minutes like a major shitstorm. might be gay/bi, it's that photo of him and another guy on a boat.

Not to say that Gordon isn't gay/bi, just that there has really been no evidence to support that notion. partly stem from him never having any women with him at the track. Of course the gay rumors began in Daytona Beach long before Dale Earnhardt Sr. It was because Jeff always stayed at a gay B&B when he was in Daytona for a race.[quote]The reply was something along the lines of Dale Jr is into the younger bimbos That's funny, considering that one tabloid claimed Jr.'s gf is a married woman - in an article that conveniently came out the week after NE's (latest) accusation about Jr. I don't know of any straight guys that sit around like that.[quote]Which gay B&B? It's between University and Seabreeze and between A1A and Halifax. was hot, AND something makes me think he's a progressive. If you know so fucking much, you would know that I am dating a young lady, fucker. If you don't know what the fuck you are talking about, then shut your damn piehole. I know I'll get flamed for this but here goes anyway.

Does anyone believe that those two weren't ordered by NASCAR to man up? I am straight and while at home I jokingly said "fix me up with Dale Jr or JG" The reply was something along the lines of Dale Jr is into the younger bimbos (not an exact quote) and Jeff Gordon is not interested in women.[quote]If you are gay no Nascar, go for Le Mans or even Indy racing, actually if you are gay, non-white or female.

Also stay away from Country Music too, the soundtrack of Nascar and the Republican party.

I have to be careful with my observations and opinions about Tony and Kasey as some fantasy on my part is definitely present.[R91] you sound as if you have seen the two of them together. I heard that he was involved with one / some of the young men that drive for his USAC / Wo O teams. Tony Stewart likes his men young and pretty, preferably with blue eyes, like Kahne. Denny Hamlin and Kasey Kahne supposedly had an affair, but Denny broke it off."Although he's never pinged, Kurt Busch has announced he and his model wife are divorcing after only a couple of years being married."The Bush bros mom's name is---GAY BUSH! Both the Bush boys are straight, thank goodness, though Kurt looks like he's been grabbed by the ears a few times.

Tony roughhouses with the other drivers and crew members, but not Kasey. I saw him rub Kasey's back at a dirt track race a couple of years ago while they were talking. Clint Bowyer is quite handsome, but he doesn't ping on my gaydar. Anyway, I know some people involved in racing and NASCAR, so here is some shit that I've heard. Old Coach Gibbs must be one of those "tolerant" xtians--what with all the gay drivers he has / had in his employ. Just ask his friend " Snooter", he was the guy who had his feet in Joonyur's lap in the infamous pic from the Enquirer. BK and TS supposedly had a hook-up in Vegas, having dinner and seeing a Cirque show together.

It's always followed by "and no it's not Waltrip", lol. Upon reflection, now that I’ve had a week to think about this occurrence, I’m thinking it was all for show. Rumors about Denny Hamlin and the "buds" he lives with are whispered a lot.

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