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Women living with herpes do not have to worry about pregnancy since they will experience safe pregnancy and childbirth.

Even after birth, there is little or no risk of the mother transmitting the virus to her baby as long as she observes normal hygiene.

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However, you should remember that HSV can be transmitted through oral cold sores through even just kissing. Whenever you have any questions or concerns about herpes, your doctor should be able to help you answer them or recommend other experts who can.

Also, there are support groups for people with herpes in various areas that can be a valuable source of information and support.

Sexual relationships and herpes When you have been infected by herpes, there are some aspects of sexual intimacy that you may consider.

These include using non-genital forms of sexual contact like condoms during the periods that the skin blisters are present.

These symptoms may last for several days or weeks before being followed by reddened areas on the genitals.

This may later develop into painful blisters that burst to leave scars that heal without leaving a scar.

After that, you should gather enough courage and talk to your partner about the herpes infection.

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