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I think basically for many families, economic hardship in the home is what is also driving people.”According to a 2016 study by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), 10 percent of girls in Uganda are married by age 15 and 40 percent are married by age 18.The younger the bride, the more a suitor is willing to pay for her.Arranged marriages are common in Uganda, according to Susan Ajok, executive director of Straight Talk Foundation, a nongovernmental organization (NGO) that addresses reproductive health and HIV prevention issues of young people in Uganda.“We’ve had situations where families have arranged marriages for their daughters,” Ajok said.

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Dear Women & Girls Community, We are excited to share our plans for the future of women and girls’ coverage at News Deeply.

In January 2018, our Women & Girls page will close as we launch the first of a new set of dedicated platforms that will allow us to dive deeper into the biggest issues affecting women and girls in the developing world.

That’s why he decided to be with me and to love me so much.

And I gave him the treasure of twins.”Jane says that the birth of her twins was what convinced her then-boyfriend to devote himself to her and no one else.“I was scared,” she says. I know it is mine, and I will be giving you any, any, everything you want and you need, I’ll be giving to you.’”According to research reports of the Overseas Development Institute, cross-generational relationships are between an adolescent girl and a man who is at least 10 years older.

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Her upturned eyes are polished with lavender eyeshadow that contrasts the scarlet lipstick swept over her lower lip. Jane, 20, is married to a man 40 years her senior.“By the time we started, that man, I found that he was rich, I get excited to be with him,” she says. By the time I got pregnant, we were meeting for call,” Jane says.

Relationships where the man is much older than the woman are common in Uganda, but it is fairly rare that the young woman marries her older boyfriend. After starting a relationship with her boyfriend and having his twins, Jane married her husband. “And the time I got pregnant, he was there and I told him.

This first platform – Women’s Advancement Deeply – will cover the pursuit of economic equality for women, from securing gender-equal access to financial services, to fighting for property rights and closing the pay gap.

We’ll also be working to launch other dedicated platforms in this space, and we are currently exploring themes of maternal, sexual and reproductive health, as well as gender-based violence.

Now, over four years later, it has become a marriage based in love and commitment.

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