Google latitude friends not updating

On other mobile platforms, including Google's Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Window Mobile, Google runs a Latitude service in the background.

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However, Google has gone ahead and disabled it in Google for many users, making it momentarily impossible for them to share their location in either app.

What these users are seeing when they head to the tab in Google is a message telling them to move to Google Maps.

It's not the same as live sharing, but it should cover the most crucial situations while Google sorts this mess out and releases an update to Maps.

In announcing the new app on its mobile blog, Google made it clear that the i Phone version was limited by Apple's restrictions for third party apps in a number of respects.

So far, Apple has insisted that dropping the ban would result in unacceptable tradeoffs.

Rather than exploring options to enable background processes, Apple has instead instituted a push notification system that allows developers to ping users when updated information is available, enabling users to launch the app in order to obtain the new information.It looks like a case of eager fingers pulling the plug too soon on the feature from Google without making sure it's already live in Maps.Or, better yet, miscommunication between the teams and lack of clear timeline planning to make sure all users have the alternative live for them before killing the previous option.In order to conserve battery life on these platforms when running in the background, Google currently only uses cellular tower or Wi Fi triangulation and not GPS.It also adapts to lower battery levels by sampling the phone's location less frequency.Last week, Google announced new location sharing features in Google Maps that would allow you to easily share your current position momentarily or indefinitely with select people.

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