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“A girl came up to me on the street and she almost smacked me. But people do Rachel and me a disservice by assuming we were anything like the people in that movie. '” Gosling, who has been mum about the split up until now, continues, “I feel like I want to give people hugs, they seem so sad. Instead, we’re consoling everybody else.” The actor and Mc Adams, 31, began dating shortly after wrapping the romantic film, which won them an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, but he says their relationship was not like the characters they portrayed. “It introduced me to one of the great loves of my life.

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They do original cocktails, and he showed me how to make a few drinks. GOSLING: You gotta slap him the next time you see him. Doing a character like this that’s a little more out there, not as subdued as you normally are? You are funny, you’re just usually a little more subdued. When I first moved to Los Angeles I did a pilot, was 17, had a small part, so did Steve.

So the bottom line is you did some research to make your character real? GOSLING: Okay, so when I finished “Blue Valentine” I had to go get a physical from the doctor and he gave me a prescription and it said, “Do a comedy.” So I did. We didn’t get to work together but he was so funny I would go to set just to watch him work. Are you guys still trying to work out the script on that one and what is the visual tone? We’re trying to discover the world before we get into the story. Then we’ll learn about what kind of story we want to see within that world. has been really great, Joel Silver, giving us the time to create that.

One of the film’s funniest relationships is between despondent cuckold Cal (Steve Carell) and the benevolent pick-up artist Jacob (Ryan Gosling) who decides to give Cal a makeover and help him get his mojo back.

The movie is a rare outright comic performance from Gosling and he has wonderful chemistry with Carell. Eleven years, that’s the longest relationship I’ve ever had.

By the time celebrity news publications caught on that Mendes was pregnant, the couple's second child was already one-month-old.

So, yes, Despite soaking up the Hollywood stage lights, Mendes in particular opts out of the glitzy parties, the penthouse mixers, the endless opportunities for social climbing.Mendes has an Instagram account for professional shoots only, while Gosling frequents Twitter to retweet social justice sentiments and movie trailers. It’s too personal.” Mendes, now 43, is such an expert at ducking and dodging under the paparazzi's prying eye that she concealed her first pregnancy (with Esmeralda in 2014) for almost seven months before sources leaked the news to tabloids.Even away from the halls of the internet so many of their peers populate, the couple is seldom seen together at all; the world’s leading photography website, Getty, has only managed to capture Mendes and Gosling in the same place at the same time on a handful of occasions – one of which was the premiere for the movie probed Mendes about her rumoured relationship with Gosling in March 2012, she interrupted, “Stop, just stop. The arrival of their second child, Amada, now one, was more private yet. Appreciated your comment about the Muppet guys in the movie. I start shooting in a week on “The Place Beyond the Pines.” I was going to ask you about re-teaming with Derek for that film. It’s sort of about the sins of the father, the things as men that you pass on to your sons, the dragons they have to slay if you don’t slay them for you. Most famous couples serve the outside world a sliver of their private lives to taste.

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