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After several tests, her physician told her she was suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Several days later, Dave called Susan’s physician’s office, identified himself as her husband, and asked about Susan’s test results.

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Under HIPAA Law Section 1177, “Wrongful Disclosure of Individually Identifiable Health Information,” the U. Department of Labor can impose fines beginning at $50,000 and/or up to a year in jail, all the way up to a fine of $250,000 and/or up to ten years in jail for an individual.

Under HIPAA rules, an “individual” can be a medical entity, institution, or an executive of either.

Examples of business associates are CPAs whose accounting services include a review of PHI, attorneys whose legal services include access to PHI, and pharmacists with similar access to PHI.

HIPAA exists for two main reasons, to ensure you maintain health insurance when changing jobs, and to protect the privacy of your personal health information.

Disclosure of any portion of the patient’s PHI without authorization is a potential violation of HIPAA laws.

Example 1: Violation of HIPAA’s Privacy Rule Susan went to her family doctor complaining of bloating, weight loss, jaundice, dark urine, and nausea.

Authorization generally means giving permission to have one’s PHI distributed to third parties, other than the original medical facility providing treatment.

To be a legitimate authorization, there must be a written document, signed by the patient, giving the named medical facility permission to use specific PHI for matters other than medical treatment, payment, or surgeries.

This includes billing service companies, health information systems, transaction facilitators, and other entities that handle PHI.

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