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Getting a haircut is pretty much always an awkward experience. The nodding when you can’t actually make out said chit-chat over the sound of the dryer. There’s so much bloody social etiquette involved, but no handy guide passed out on entrance. We are hairdressers, not magicians, so give us a clue!

Be in the know when you opt in for email communications and push notifications. You can download the Great Clips app on any Android or Apple device. How do I share an idea for the Great Clips app with you? There’s a feedback form in the menu of the Great Clips app.

Create a profile and then add favorite salons to make checking in online even easier.

We recommend Ionic when the demands on the phone resources that often require native solutions won’t be a priority.

Ionic also enables you to write one set of code and deploy across several operating systems, such as i OS, Android, and Windows.

We use it to connect you to your favorite salons across all your devices using the Great Clips app. When you have new messages, you’ll see a number on the Messages icon on the app’s home screen. Go to Push Notifications under Account/Settings and slide the bar to the left to stop notifications, or slide the bar to the right to receive notifications. Online Check-In lets you add your name to the list before you arrive at your local Great Clips salon.

It’s not an appointment, but it does let you add your name to the list before arriving at the salon to help save you time. Customers can check in online during the hours the salon is open. When you're on the wait list, chances are you'll be next or almost next in line when you arrive.Then, tell us your name, how many people will be getting haircuts, and come on over! Online Check-In lets us know you're on your way, so it's best to head right over right after you're done checking in.Once you arrive, let the stylists know you're there, and they’ll confirm your information and finish your check in.Ionic is a free and heavily supported mobile application framework.It uses the power of Angular JS (a popular Java Script framework), HTML5, and CSS.In these cases, your native apps will be written in Swift, employing an enterprise-grade MVC architecture.

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