Half life 2 nocd updating

Elite Force includes an arsenal of Star Trek–themed weapons, such as phasers and disruptors.

The weapons vary in power, ammunition consumption and effectiveness in given situations.

The game is set in the Star Trek universe, specifically relating to the fourth Star Trek television series, Star Trek: Voyager.

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Half life 2 nocd updating

The Hazard Team is tasked with protecting Voyager as repairs are made, and investigating the cause of their entrapment.

Elite Force was one of several Star Trek games announced after Activision secured the license to Star Trek video games from Viacom in 1998.

Elite Force was originally released with a 32-player multiplayer element, in which participants use the weaponry and characters from the single-player game to compete in several different game modes.

Referred to as a "holomatch", the multiplayer is themed as though it were a holodeck experience.

Aspyr Media was responsible for porting the game to the Mac OS platform.

Elite Force was later ported to the Play Station 2 console by Pipe Dream Interactive and published by Majesco Entertainment on December 11, 2001.Players can compete against other players in local area network and Internet games, or play against bots, opponents that use the game's artificial intelligence.Each player can choose one of a variety of Star Trek characters as their aesthetic player character in multiplayer.Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force is a first-person shooter video game developed by Raven Software and published by Activision.The game was initially released on September 20, 2000 for Windows and Mac OS personal computers.Armor lessens the impact to the player character's health from hostile action, but once depleted the player will be more susceptible to damage.

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