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Prosecutors also said Calhoun owes Barclay’s Bank more than ,000 after he applied for other lines of credit with another person's social security number. Calhoun pleaded guilty in June and agreed to pay restitution to both banks said U.

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Once you have placed the temporary block on your card, return to "Report lost or stolen card" within Online Banking to either unblock your card should you find it, or report it lost or stolen and request a replacement.

You can only place a temporary block on your card, or remove the temporary block in Online Banking at the moment.

Open chakras where the energy flows unobstructed helps us to maintain good health, keeps our spiritual selves, our emotional selves, our bodies and organs running smoothly.

When there is an energy imbalance due to spiritual imbalance, emotional upset or physical illness, the life force energy and chakras become blocked. If the answer is yes, then you've met someone who knows how to ask the Universe for what he/she wants.

Both can be found at the top of a previous bank account statement.

If you have Online Banking, log on and navigate to 'Statements' within the 'Manage' menu.

You can't apply or remove a temporary block in the Mobile Banking App, by telephone banking or by visiting a branch.

If you are not registered for Online Banking please phone our emergency line on 08 from the UK or 44 1442 422929 44 1442 422929* if you are overseas. If you place a temporary block on your card, the card will remain blocked until you remove the block via Online Banking.

Firstly you will be asked to place a temporary block on your card(s).

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