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"And that's not really what we're about."Forget about "Steal My Girl." If you haven't heard "Girl Almighty" from One Direction's latest album, Four, listen to it now!

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It's easy to see that he truly does believe in equality between men and women, and isn't that all any of us are asking for?

In case you aren't sure about this whole Harry Styles is a feminist thing, let's take a journey. One of the most epically feminist moments this year was Emma Watson's incredible UN speech, where she called for all men to join the feminist fight out of respect for the girls and women in their lives.

Even the older girls can join in on this celebrity crush, because Styles has confirmed that he has a thing for older women.

News about Harry Styles, one of five members from the rising boy band "One Direction," has been all over the Internet as of late.

Fans seem eager to know all about the singer's secret favorite food or favorite color, and more importantly, the type of girl that he would go for.

Styles seems to be on everybody's radar, including top music artists like Rihanna and Taylor Swift, although no one is quite sure just what it is about the boy band singer that is so charismatic.

Styles last girlfriend was 32-year-old British TV host Caroline Flack.

Although the two still remain friends, it appears that Styles may now be after Taylor Swift.

When Stifler from American Pie came up, Horan immediately called him legendary, only for Styles to make him eat his words.

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