Harry styles dating older women girls of divorced families impact on dating

Harry Likes The Older Women So, it appears that Harry Styles was playing away with an older woman before he began dating Caroline Flack and that the affair nearly ended her marriage.

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If you didn't know any better and had only heard their singles that hit radio airwaves, I'd understand if you didn't understand how this is possible.

But anyone who has had the pleasure (or made the mistake) of handing their life over to One Direction knows that anytime the band is together in an interview, Styles is always the one who reels his bandmates, and occasionally the interviewer, back in should anyone say anything untoward about women.

Lucy was married and he been for a year when the affair with Harry began, but her and her husband had apparently been living separate lives due to difficulties in their relationship.

Lucy and Harry first met when she interviewed One Direction on her radio show at Manchester’s Key 103.

Colleagues of Lucy had said that it was evident that the two of them were very flirty and apparently their affair was common knowledge among the radio station staff.

Apparently the pair met up at a Manchester hotel and spent the night together, and met up once again in February when Harry was dating Caroline Flack.

Fans seem eager to know all about the singer's secret favorite food or favorite color, and more importantly, the type of girl that he would go for.

Styles seems to be on everybody's radar, including top music artists like Rihanna and Taylor Swift, although no one is quite sure just what it is about the boy band singer that is so charismatic.

Styles was quick to join in, share his photo and message on Twitter, and encourage his fans to do the same.

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