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During my travels I am collecting handwoven Vintage kilims, Turkish towels, ceramics, calligraphy art or anything unique and beautiful that comes my way.Kilim weaving is the heritage of a nomad tradition that dates back thousands of years.Heart & Soul International introduces its clients to upstanding-top-tier matches who desire to meet some special and seeking a meaningful relationship.

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It’s like have a very best friend in the romance business.

After all what is success if you don’t have any one to share it with.

Sure, it’s true to a certain extent that “opposites attract.” But married couples who go the distance tend to be those who are able to connect through shared experiences and passions. There are several things to consider when it comes to spending enjoyable time together in marriage.

In order to maximize their value, your shared experiences as a couple need to have the following characteristics: We’re not suggesting that your marriage should be all fun-and-games, all the time. Be affectionate – hold hands, cuddle and steal kisses.

You can read about her longings for love or family unity or her good wishes for the tribe along the patterns and symbols on her masterpiece.

Dear Lauren, I’ve had a crush on this woman for about a month.By not consistently showing your interest you have confused her AND put yourself out of the running. A woman may have a genuine attraction to a guy but at the beginning, it’s fragile. You don’t have to ride up on a motorcycle to get the girl. I’m not saying come on super strong and text her every 5 minutes. Being a real man means putting your heart on the line and pursuing the woman who peaks your interest.By god man, if she means something to you, stay in there! Where men are like gas stoves, women are generally more like crock pots. But a woman takes longer to warm up to a guy before her ambivalence is traded in for attachment. If a woman is overly attached in the beginning it could be a dangerous sign for the relationship. I’m saying: listen to her, be there for her should she need your help, show her that you want to make her happy. Do nice little things for her like: bring her a rose for no reason, surprise her with her favorite coffee order, remember something she said days ago and refer to it in conversation. The biggest response men have to this complaint is that it’s not fair that all the responsibility of the pursuit belongs to the man. Remember when we talked about women being crock pots? But when a man pursues a woman, builds her trust, and shows her his interest, THAT’s when she can connect with her attraction, affection and attachment for him. What’s bothering me now is that he’s been acting differently towards me ever since. Whether the client is searching for a lifetime partner or simply a meaningful relationship; with an 87% success rate; it is our core objective to make “finding love easy” and to achieve outstanding results for every client..Heart & Soul International Founder and Principal Natalie Clarice; know a thing or two about making the perfect match; love you and me.We are currently working on our Webshop with handmade vintage kilims and other traditional textiles from Anatolia. Sign up to our newsletter to get early bird access, special offers and event updates.

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