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It seems that they were once used to store sand and crushed gravel. Pipe Company, this magnificent mansion was built by its founder, Andrew Mc Neal.If you have any more information about the silos, please share. Constructed in 1890, the home briefly served as the company's headquarters just before have to wonder who in their right mind would want to make it even more challenging by insisting on canine chemistry,' said Trish Mc Dermott, who spent 10 years as the dating expert and spokeswoman for 'To squeeze doggie behavior under the first date microscope and to analyze every little wag, nip or bark as further commentary on compatibility is just another way to uncover the fatal flaw of an otherwise potential romance,' added Mc Dermott, who now works for One Good, a gay, lesbian and bisexual matchmaking service.

From August 1-3, the "Summer of Love" was in full force with performers including Little Richard, Janis Joplin, Santana and Joni Mitchell.

The facilities are already falling into disrepair and may soon be demolished.

When Joanie Pelzer signed up with a dog-friendly online dating service a few years ago, she was honest about her Chihuahua — he likes people more than other dogs, craves attention, steals food and can't stand to ride in the backseat of a car.

Even a man who loved animals as much as she did couldn't keep up with her dog's quirks.

Along 1st Avenue (near where it intersects 10th Street) in Toms River, there is something hiding behind the trees - over a dozen seemingly abandoned silos, easily accessible by a short trail.

Just a quick walk from the street, these structures are an urban explorer's dream.

She remembers unpleasant run-ins with dates from sites that don't cater to animal lovers — once a man nudged her pooch off the couch.

New Jersey has a rich history that lives on in so many ways.

The site once contained a gristmill, sawmill and blacksmith.

While certain structures are fenced off, several sites are accessible to visitors.

about one's passion makes it feel like you are looking for a needle in a smaller and far more relevant and appealing haystack,' said Michal Ann Strahilevitz, a professor of marketing at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.'Dogs on first dates are amazing icebreakers,' said Kris Rotonda, who started up the site last year that now has 2 million members.

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