Hindus romances dating woman

The heat is damp and stifling, the sound that fills the air at once distinctive and surreal.

Hundreds of cut-throat razors are at work, scraping rapidly, in a hall packed with girls and women, like so many sheep at a shearing.

Six hundred and fifty barbers sit in lines on concrete floor, deftly tying up into ponytails the hair of women seated in front of them.

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The bonds will be used to fix the strands to the customer’s head.

Philip Sharp, UK managing director of Great Lengths says: ‘There are no official global statistics but it’s fair to say that hair has become a commodity as precious as gold, diamonds or oil.

They too are candidates for tonsuring – the shaving of the head as a sign of religious devotion.

With a few expert sweeps of a razor, each head is shaved smooth and is then doused with water, washing away any blood caused by nicks from the razor.

There are claims that women have been mugged for their locks.

Victoria Beckham once said of her real hair extensions that, ‘[they] come from Russian prisoners, so I’ve got Russian cell-block H on my head’.They have saved up to make a once-in-a-lifetime journey.Thousands have made an oath to their gods – they may have asked to be blessed with a child or for a good harvest.Balsara buys about 50 tons a year and ships it round the world. The best – or longest – hair will fetch at least £350 per pound.In his factories the hair is washed by hand in giant baths.I don’t know what will happen to my hair, but I know that local film stars wear wigs made from the hair and that some of it is sent to Hollywood as well.’ It is not just rural women who offer their hair to Hindu gods.

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