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On adult webcam sites, there is a guarantee that the model you see in the profile picture is legit and the genuine thing.

The best thing is that these sites have literally hundreds or even thousands of models to choose from.

Specifically, in the ever sprawling social media network empire that is Facebook.

But is hooking up with someone on FB through the thousands of user-made pages and communities that offers sexual hook-ups online safer or a better option that having live sex with real webcam girls on a cam site? There are many reasons why having adult related chat experiences is better off done on live cam sites than hooking up with strangers on social media sites. On dedicated sites, webcam models serve as employees to the site administrators and owners, who make sure that the models that perform get paid and the people paying for their services get what they paid for.

On the various social media community pages and groups created by their users, there is no guarantee and most of the time the payee tends to get scammed.

The most dangerous thing here is, most of these scammers are linked with hackers who eventually find ways to get your personal information while chatting with their scammer colleagues.

There are reasons why the adult chat via webcam is popular in our current day and age.

Top of these reasons is to help people from getting ripped off!

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