Hookup zone info

The Zone 2 feature, if available, may be accessible in one of two ways: powered or line-out. If you have a home theater receiver that has speaker terminals labeled "Zone 2," then you can connect speakers directly to the receiver and the receiver will power them.

The Hook Up is a dirty rock & roll band formed in Appleton, WI.

Their music is driven with compelling hooks, and lyrical density that will take the listener on a musical journey.

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In other words, the Zone 2 feature allows control of either the same or a separate source than the one being listened to in the main room, in another location.

For example, the user can be watching a Blu-ray Disc or DVD movie with surround sound in the main room, while someone else can listen to a CD player, AM/FM radio, or another two-channel source in another room at the same time.

The added speakers are then connected to that external amplifier.

In 7.1 channel receivers that include line-out Zone 2 capability, this option is more flexible, since it enables users to use the full 7.1 channel option in the main room and still operate a separate Zone 2 because of the use of external amplifiers for that purpose.

In fact, a growing number of midrange and higher-end receivers also provide HDMI audio and video output for Zone 2 access.

Also, some higher-end receivers may include not only a Zone 2, but also a Zone 3, and in rare cases, a Zone 4 option.

It’s as if Jack White, Weezer, and Spoon melded together to create The Hook Up.

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