Hookup zone info

The band draws extra inspiration from artists like Jimi Hendrix, The Strokes, and Sublime.

With the ability to not only perform original work, but cover tunes as well, The Hook Up ensures the audience is in for a wild night.

Both the Blu-ray Disc or DVD player and CD player are connected to the same receiver but are accessed and controlled separately, using the same main receiver.

For receivers that offer a Zone 2 option, the remote, or onboard, controls provide a function that lets users control input selection, volume, and possibly other features related exclusively to Zone 2.

The Zone 2 feature, if available, may be accessible in one of two ways: powered or line-out. If you have a home theater receiver that has speaker terminals labeled "Zone 2," then you can connect speakers directly to the receiver and the receiver will power them.

However, when this option is available on 7.1 channel receivers, you cannot use a full 7.1 channel setup in the main room and still use the Zone 2 option at the same time.

The band always brings their “A” game and delivers powerful performances no matter the setting.

The Hook Up has also had success with song placements for television.

The added speakers are then connected to that external amplifier.

In 7.1 channel receivers that include line-out Zone 2 capability, this option is more flexible, since it enables users to use the full 7.1 channel option in the main room and still operate a separate Zone 2 because of the use of external amplifiers for that purpose.

The Zone 2 feature is usually limited to analog audio sources.

However, as you move to higher-end home theater receivers, you might find, in some cases, that the provided Zone 2 option can accommodate analog video with digital audio and streaming sources as well.

In many cases, both options are available, but in some cases, a specific home theater receiver may only have one of the above Zone 2 access options.

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