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Here are five struggles every morning person/night owl knows when their partner has a completely different bed time.

As a morning person, you will most likely eat breakfast alone because your partner is going to be sleeping till lunch.

Beitou’s history of developed hot springs dates back to the early 1900s and the Japanese era.

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1) If hot spring baths are separated by gender, you’re expected to bathe nude.

I was bit worried it would be totally awkward sporting by birthday suit with a bunch of old Taiwanese women, but it’s not actually that bad.

Gay pornography is usually male homosexual pornography, acts depicted typically include anal or oral sex.

Men who perform in mainstream gay pornography often do not consider themselves gay or bisexual.

Date nights become unnecessarily complicated, especially when you want to go to a place that closes at five on the weekend.

There will just have to be compromises made in order for you two to enjoy the vacation together.

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Early riser Frederick tries not to bombard Cynthia with too much information when she wakes up hours later.“Sometimes he’ll want to tell me some really intellectual stuff first thing in the morning.

"Don’t bang closet doors, don’t put the TV on loud, don’t pull up the blinds so the sun comes screaming in."Matt says he's careful about minimalizing noise in the morning — even opening the door of the microwave before it can beep.

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