How to go from friends to dating on sims social speed dating loughborough

Then have the sim you are controlling talk to the other sim.

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The more you talk to them and do fun things together, the higher the relationship score gets until it gets high enough to be counted as a friend.

Only one sim in a family has to befriend the other sim for the other sim to be counted as family friend." - galensgranny "Make plenty neighbors for your sims.

Upon completion of an entire career track, players could select a new career track at the cost of forgoing all past career history.

There were 12 traits for Sims in The Sims Social and could only be purchased with Lifetime Points.

A tip from a forum member will get a large group of friends in no time."Have one of your sims in an empty neighborhood (this only works if you have Hot Date, Vacation, or Superstar) and get them the genie lamp.

When they wish for love, they will fall in love with a townie.

Add some larger families with sims that are friendly.

Buy the balloons or birthday cake and have a party. Make some gifts to give, like gnomes or preserves from the canning bench." - coconutpalac Some object creators don't just make furniture; some of them get into the technical aspects of an object and find ways to make them work differently.

Many objects are for improving skills or motives for the Sim using it.

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