How to handle rejection in dating

I guess I would have thought once you hit 50, committing a felony wouldn't be on anyone's bucket list, but I've met several women who have dated recently-convicted felons, and I have dated two, one of whom was wearing her court-ordered ankle bracelet on our date.) But back to the hurt feelings.

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One of the downsides is dealing with hurt feelings that shouldn't be hurt.

The upside is being able to escape before it really gets weird.

Feel confident in yourself, and save your best sales pitch for the buyers who really like your brand.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense Some people think of dating as a black-and-white line drawing, where you have only one chance to make your ends meet.

Or perhaps we met once, didn't have a great date and thought it was OK to politely go our separate ways, only to find that the other person thought a trip to Paris and marriage was on tap for the next date.

(A brief aside: another weirdness of internet dating is how many convicted felons there are out there - male and female.A good salesman knows that every sale is important, but he also knows how to size up a person who’s not buying, so he can get on with his day and make a real sale.In the world of dating, make sure you don’t spend too much time or emotional capital on the people who are on the fence.It can sting your ego, make you feel foolish and shatter your hopes.If you have been rejected by a man, remember it is not the end of the world.It doesn’t mean that your cars aren’t fast or your diamonds aren’t sparkly.

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