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HTML CODE: C# Code Behind: private void Bind Data() protected void gv Categories_Row Editing(object sender, Grid View Edit Event Args e) protected void gv Categories_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) does a template field allow you to get around indexing?

Text properties of the cells resolve to "" Here is the code for the event, followed by the gridview in the form (inside an updatepanel) Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Data Bound(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

I am having trouble 'saving' the changes the user makes when editing text ina field on a gridview.

However, please also take a look at the following thread which may be helpful in your scenario: Enable Callbacks = false brakes grid exception catching Thanks, Marion Marion, Thanks for the other thread that you pointed to, it is helpful.

However, my question was not about how to make ASPx Grid View to catch exceptions during postbacks.

Please refer to the Dev Website Terms of Use for more information.

To correct I added javascript to call the javascript function that is used to expand and collapse the rows.

In the code below I have shown how you can extract the new values from the textboxes inside the Grid View.

Once, you got the values you just need to send them to the database.

Row Updated = new Sql Row Updated Event Handler(On Row Updated); // Set Data Adapter command properties, fill Data Set, modify Data Set. Fill Error, New Fill Error Event Handler( _ Address Of Fill Error) Dim data Set As Data Set = New Data Set adapter. ' Add a row to table using the values from the first two columns.

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