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Two years ago, I decided to step down from pastoring and attend Regent College in Vancouver, which created a space for me to listen and not feel like I have to have all the answers.

There, fellow students told me how my book had negatively affected them.

I wanted to call my generation to higher standards.

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But I’ll always grieve that people were hurt by my book. My wife and I probably wouldn’t advise our kids to court exactly the way we did.

It worked for us, but we recognize now that it’s not a cookie-cutter model.

Joshua Harris—author, former senior pastor of Covenant Life Church, and the firstborn of Christian homeschooling pioneers Gregg and Sono Harris—is still most famous for something he did at age 21: He wrote a best-selling book, , which will follow Harris as he and his readers reflect on the impact of his book. I used to think the idea of courtship was ridiculous.

I asked Harris why he’s making the film, how he feels and thinks about his book now, and whether he’d recommend his own book to his teenage children. I was a teenager and wanted to make out with girls.

I know it can’t fix things and it’s too late in many ways, but I think it’s the right thing to do, and I hope it’ll spark conversations in our churches: Obviously we are going to keep making mistakes, so how do we Christians acknowledge that and process that in a healthy way?

I hope it will bring some measure of closure for me.

Nachdem er von 19 leitender Pastor der Covenant Life Church (Gaithersburg, Maryland) war, widmet sich Harris derzeit an dem Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia einem weiteren Studium.

February brings Valentine’s Day, and the Christian writer whose advice 21 years ago left lots of valentines unsent has revised his thinking.

Then when I broke up a two-year relationship in high school, I felt convicted, I felt regret, I felt I had mistreated this girl.

My parents and other homeschooling parents were already talking about the problems of modern dating, and I listened to them for the first time.

A woman wrote on Twitter, “Your book was used as a weapon against me.” I apologized, and later on my website asked for personal stories about What did you learn?

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