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Restructure the home’s exterior by working with the brick.

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Then, layer in taller trees to frame the entrance or garage; evergreens will draw the eye upward and offset the horizontal roofline.

Casual, contemporary style is the hallmark of a ranch home — and, sometimes, your best bet is to emphasize what you’ve already got.

Younger and first-time home buyers are revisiting ranch design, drawn by the appeal of an informal and laid-back layout and the typical affordability of these mid-century homes.

Meanwhile, an older generation of buyers are lured by the ranch’s single-level floor plan, which is easy on aging knees.

Here are five ways to improve the ranch style’s exterior, transforming it from blah to beautiful.

Admittedly, the feature that’s most appealing on the inside — the sprawling, single-story design with its open floor plan — is, externally, uninteresting at best.

Try these low-cost ideas for giving their outsides a little oomph. They were so popular that they accounted for nine out of every 10 new houses built.

Now, after 40-some years out of trend, the open, one-story style is gaining favor once more.

Give your home an appealing first impression -- even if for no one other than yourself.

Lorna Hordos is a home-flipping business owner and freelance writer.

Think small: Strategically select shorter shrubs, such as boxwoods, that won’t cover the low windows.

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