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The individual station has the responsibility to comply with the standards and regulations, and report instances of it happening within their quarterly children's programming report, even if the programming is transmitted by a television network.

This has been demonstrated through several incidents where episodes of Pokémon airing on the former Kids' WB block (which originated on The WB, before moving to The CW) featured references to products such as Eggo waffles, Fruit by the Foot, and the Nintendo e-Reader accessory for the Game Boy Advance handheld system mentioning their products having a tie-in to the Pokémon franchise on-air.

Originally, this was displayed only during the first minute of a program, or, as a separate announcement prior to the program, but since 2004, all E/I shows must display the icon during the entire duration of the show.

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As with PBS' PBS Kids block, Ion Television's Qubo (both the standalone digital multicast channel and program block), and the Trinity Broadcasting Network's digital multicast network Smile likewise feature educational programming throughout their schedules; the latter two networks as well as the PBS children's block display E/I bugs across most of their programming, including program promotions and (in the case of PBS) pledge appeals.

Because of the large amount of E/I programming seen on PBS stations, which well exceeds the guidelines in most cases, public television subchannel networks such as Create and World do not carry their own blocks of E/I programming within their main network feeds (this is a similar case with Qubo and parent network Ion Television's other subchannel services, Ion Life and Ion Shop, as well as QVC and the Home Shopping Network, which both lease subchannel space on Ion's stations and are not beholden to the E/I guidelines to begin with as those two networks are cable-originated channels).

Collegiate institutions offer distance education, a curated form of educational television, which is unique to public and educational access cable channels and is also carried by some public television stations.

Which shows qualify as "E/I" is determined by the Federal Communications Commission, which enforces the regulations.

However, enforcement remains somewhat capricious: KDOC-TV, an independent station in Irvine, California and Fox affiliate WLUK-TV in Green Bay, Wisconsin have both been allowed to count reruns of the 1970s drama series Little House on the Prairie as an E/I show, due to its historical depiction of frontier life in the 19th century and its connection to the popular elementary-school book series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, though the show was not originally intended for that purpose (WLUK stopped airing Little House in September 2013 due to shifts in its weekday schedule).

Pax TV's talent showcases (America's Most Talented Kids) and animal rescue documentaries (Miracle Pets) were also counted toward the "E/I" requirement, with the network giving them an unofficial and non-binding "rating" of "TV E/I".Stations can air no more than 12 minutes of advertisements each hour on weekdays and 10½ minutes per hour on weekends.In addition, the FCC also has a very strict policy that an advertisement for a product tie-in for the program being aired is not allowed in any form, or else the entire program will be classified as a violating half-hour program length commercial according to the agency's definition, even if one second of a show's character or reference is seen in an advertisement.Many PBS member stations also carry independently programmed digital multicast services that feature children's programs broadcast by the service or syndicated to individual public television stations.Many of the Discovery Kids channel's programs also included an E/I bug, and likewise its successors, the Hub Network and Discovery Family, use E/I bugs, including in program guide metadata – even though the channel is available strictly on cable and satellite – possibly to have the programs stand out within children's genre selections in search applications of electronic program guide listings as having E/I content; however, some programs (such as My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Littlest Pet Shop and Pound Puppies) have discontinued use of the E/I mark in subsequent seasons to accommodate references and plots which appeal both to children and (in the case of My Little Pony, unusually sizeable) adult audiences.For every 28-hour period of free programming offered on the subchannels, the station must add an extra half-hour of E/I programming, in addition to the three hours required on the main signal.

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