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Brand them with your suppliers logo, your logo barcodes or QR code even.Use your products in a way you never did before 19.Design Trends and Ideas blog The Pop-Up City have great examples of urban hacktivism and outdoor guerrilla campaigns 45.

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Offer your display products as Props to local visual Merchandisers, Theatre or film producers, not the big names of course as they will charge you. Support Local community events like family days or parish fairs by offering your products for use – e.g.

Beanbag company sponsors a chillout zone at local festival proving the durability of its products.

If you need to trial a regional market or neighbourhood or need to sell on a seasonal basis, use vacant or slack premises that are unused and help regenerate the city in the process. Local municipal councils are a great source of vacant units as they need to regenerate old neighbourhoods.

Approach the landlord of a vacant block by offering to spruce up their neighbourhood and entice long term tenants through your pop-up activity.

The Guerrilla marketing tactics below are your means to this end. Give a Graffiti artist some free drawing space by letting him use his artistry on your shutters or paint a mural on the side of your Building e.g Homeless Charity Simon Community building. Create in-house exhibitions in vacant display space on your premises to make it more trendy, appealing and noticeable. Flaghship Department store Brown thomas use art installations from 17 local Artists. Get their attention with a head turning window display even if it comprises stuff you may not eventually sell and chances are, passers-by can be turned into passing trade.

You may be mentioned by word of mouth and profiled in the media. Get a live display real human beings like your staff work in your windows. Create a Smashed window effect as seen in this Apple Store just using window paint. Put up a controversial Political slogan to get noticed.

Use Reverse Graffiti : Street artists use soap instead of a spray can and a stencil to scrub out an image in public space. Sustainable design blog, Inhabitat posts some in “Clean Green Street Art hits San Francisco! Create Projections onto a blank wall at night and it becomes a natural billboard/ cinema screen e.g. The message : re-using parking spaces by turning them into landscaped gardens as a way reclaim city space.

If I was a garden centre i would jump on a campaign like this with product placement. Body art as Advertising: using temporary body art / tattoos on your staff as they man events, exhibitions or hand-out flyers in the street.

The Inspiration Room a space for viewing creative content from all forms of media around the world 43.

Lecool has published a compilation of 111 City projects around Europe ranging from popup events, urban farming to sustainable design via their book: “Smart Guide to Utopia“ Cool Hunting 44.

Take a look at what marketing, events & design creatives are using around the world today.

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