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However, despite this, Chow's career took shape not as rosy as it may seem.

Films in which he starred as an actor and who was shooting in 1997-99, failed at the box office.

This movie was an absolute hit in the history of Hong Kong, having collected more than 60 million. The film won all imaginable and unimaginable awards at the Hong Kong film festivals (Chow swept all the prizes, such as the "best director", as "the best young director, and as a" best director ").

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Simultaneously Chow "tasted gokongskuyu film industry, starring in the movie" Final Justice ".

For this role, he received the prize "Taiwan Golden Horse" - it was an award for best supporting actress.

Actor, director, screenwriter and producer, outside Hong Kong is famous in the film with Jackie Chan, so unbelievable success of "Shaolin Soccer", to date the most successful of his film, is quite natural.

Mimicry Jim Carrey, energy and great talent turned him into a star of Asian cinema. At birth he was given the name Singh Ji, was born June 22, 1962 - a year of the Dragon.

Three million at the box office in Japan - the second place after "Spider-Man". Carbon mix of stunning special effects, truly original humor, passion and Asian Indian morale. And most important - is that the movie feels so, the child's touching and naive view of the world: belief in the magical power of the spirit of flying people and supernatural power football.

This is not a delusion, at least to us and it is difficult to understand for Stephen Chow's all this seriously. Ultimately, this film is not only elevated to the throne of King Chou of Hong Kong cinema, but this was for Chow stairway to heaven, if we bear in mind the Hollywood Hills. Perhaps it was because his fans expected too much from Chow - his popularity on the Internet resulted in numerous unofficial fan sites, and his name for fans to truly become a cult.The two-year break after the "King of Comedy" has caused concern among his fans, and some even thought that he ever left the cinema.He grew up the only boy in the family (one older sister and two younger) and, like the Hong Kong child, worshiped Bruce Lee and studied oriental martial arts.All pocket money spent on posters of their idol, which was hung with his whole room.However, with the help of friends, he enrolled in acting school, which is owned television.

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