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My bet would be that in another 2 years, Lauren will be the pregnant one.

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My guess would be that Chely wanted to experience pregnancy and childbirth, something she alluded to in a QA session after a showing of WMA at a church several months back (the same QA session where she said she and Lauren would try to start a family after they'd been married a year).

In that QA session, she expressed concern that she'd waited too long to be able to contribute to helping create/grow their family.

Children are expensive and such a split could happen another time, and then they'd be blessed with four... Chely has stated in interviews that she wanted to be pregnant, and Lauren is young enough to get pregnant in the future.

She' in great shape now, and she's a very disciplined eater and exerciser, so I have no doubt the pounds will come off quickly.

Can't wait to see what she looks like in a few months.

I agree that a few pounds would do her good, and my guess is that she'll be bikini ready by the end of summer.By doing certain tests you can know if they're identical early on.But that's that nothing i can explain since i'm English is not my mother language.Something in them craved, even Well, my guess would be that either Lauren didn't want to get pregnant in first place.Or that they simply decided that giving the age gap, it would be sensible if Chely got pregnant this time, as Lauren is young enough to get pregnant a few years later if they have more kids.What Chely said in the video pretty much confirms the IVF angle for me. So if she knows this early in the pregnancy that they're identical, it means she knows she started with only one egg - that they transferred only one embryo during IVF.

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