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She's every bit the great-niece of JFK, who at the same age worked at the American embassy in London, traveled through South America, and received a Purple Heart for his valor in the Navy during WWII. Kick's namesake put up posters of her favorite movie stars, and JFK Jr. It was during college that Kick got her first part on TV.For a cameo on , she skipped class, raced down to L.

When Kick died, in a plane crash after World War II, her own mother skipped the funeral.

"I always thought Dad and I were the same person, but I got fascinated by Kick a few years ago, and it's funny how similar we are," the current Kick says.

Her big thing is clean water, a cause she inherited from her dad, Robert F. (Blood is thicker than water, but water in your blood is the thickest of all.) She champions the nonprofit Waterkeeper and even hiked Mount Kilimanjaro with actors Emile Hirsch and Jessica Biel to help raise water shortage awareness.

"I like to say life is just a collection of experiences — some good, some bad — and the more you have the better," Kick says later, over lunch at a pub in town.

Today that means we're scrambling out on the breakwater near the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port with her dachshund Cupid to plant a JOE KENNEDY FOR CONGRESS sign at the very end.

Whenever Kick says this, it usually involves: a) an adventure, b) her dogs, or c) a combination thereof.If she can manage the mischief, then the world will be her stage, and it will be a Even our cab ride back from lunch to the compound is an escapade.She gives the address in an Eastern European accent, peppers the driver with questions about his handlebar mustache (How long does it take to trim? ), asks me if I will please shave my facial hair into a handlebar when we get home, and requests a pit stop at a convenience store to get some goodies.This is as about as openly political as it gets for the 24-year-old granddaughter of Robert F. Kick prefers mountaintops to photo ops, pool tables to podiums, and high-fives to handshakes.Sure, she'll pinch-hit for family and friends, but for the past few years she has devoted the bulk of her energy — and she has a lot of it — to two main acts: activism and acting."We all had plastic bags over our heads with mouth holes cut out, and people on the highway were giving us the finger, but that was just normal day-to-day stuff for us." So there was nature, nurture, and Mother Nature, but to fully understand where Kick got her Kickness you need to know the woman she was named after, her great-aunt Kathleen Kennedy, JFK's younger sister.

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