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America is, after all, a country that craves its Kennedy moments, and for whatever reason we seem to be having one right now.Part of it may be that her cousin Joe III is trying to restart the 64-year streak of having at least one Kennedy in elective office that was broken when Patrick Kennedy retired in 2010.

Dangerous.' Other than 'Dada,' that was my first word." Kick's taste for the extreme was fed by her dad's eccentric environmentalism.

Exhibit A: When she was six, word got out that a dead whale had washed up on Squaw Island in Hyannis Port.

Bobby — who likes to study animal skulls and skeletons — ran down to the beach with a chainsaw, cut off the whale's head, and then bungee-corded it to the roof of the family minivan for the five-hour haul back to Mount Kisco, New York.

"Every time we accelerated on the highway, whale juice would pour into the windows of the car, and it was the rankest thing on the planet," Kick recalls.

Except, Kick being Kick, she's in it for different reasons than the next gal over in the casting office waiting room.

"I was born with a sticker — a name — that has made me totally uninterested in the fame factor of success," she says.

"She was fun and social and a performer in many ways.

Of course, I don't think my parents would ever call my own death divine retribution.

This is as about as openly political as it gets for the 24-year-old granddaughter of Robert F. Kick prefers mountaintops to photo ops, pool tables to podiums, and high-fives to handshakes.

Sure, she'll pinch-hit for family and friends, but for the past few years she has devoted the bulk of her energy — and she has a lot of it — to two main acts: activism and acting.

"We all had plastic bags over our heads with mouth holes cut out, and people on the highway were giving us the finger, but that was just normal day-to-day stuff for us." So there was nature, nurture, and Mother Nature, but to fully understand where Kick got her Kickness you need to know the woman she was named after, her great-aunt Kathleen Kennedy, JFK's younger sister.

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