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The Ministry of Justice (Directorate of Information Systems) is responsible for archiving the Legal Gazette before the publication of the electronic edition.

The "Codice dell'amministrazione digitale" (Code for digital administration) is the legal basis for archiving electronic official texts in general, although not specifically for the Gazzetta Ufficiale.

Search legal information for Italy and access government resources for courts and case law, education, government, lawyers, legislation, Parliament, banking and finance, the environment, and other government and legal information.

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In 2011, he became an officially registered mediator.

He wrote large essays concerning the Public Administration damage compensation. His main interests concern Public and Administrative Law (with special attention to zoning law, building codes and licenses fees), Intellectual Property Law (in particular as regards copyright rule applications in the fields of informatics and music industry) and voluntary associations' legal guardianship.

A concise political and institutional history can be found at the ICL (International Constitutional Law) website (Italy Index section), edited by C. It is to be pointed out that Italy, following European member States trends, starting from 2009 publishes paper and online editions of the Gazzetta Ufficiale considering both versions of published legislation (paper and electronic) as legally binding.

With respect to the online edition it is worthwhile knowing that every single page of it can be downloaded individually and since 1 January 2009 in and that only the free-of-text format is free of charge.

It is deeply different from the legal system of the English-speaking countries (so called "Common Law systems"), developed by royal courts of justice and basically structured as a "Jurisprudencial Law", in which just the judges make law, binding by means of their sentences the following judicial decisions.

The distinction between "Private Law" and "Public Law", absent in the "Common Law systems", on the contrary characterizes the "Civil Law systems".It is the whole constitutional framework that, for the purpose of fully implementing the project for a new society, takes the doctrine formulated by Montesquieu as its own and clearly separates legislative, executive and judicial Powers, giving each its own precise rules and autonomy.The Italian Constitution was published in a special issue of the "" [Official Gazette of the Republic] on 27 December 1947.The "Corte Costituzionale" [Constitutional Court] exercises control over the constitutional legitimacy of laws.On August 8th 2014, the Senato approved a historical reform of its structure and powers.He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the international journal "Informatica e diritto".

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