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By 2013, Jay and Hannah were no longer hiding their relationship.

At this point, they have been spotted spending their holidays together in Japan and Thailand, causing rumours that the couple has been living together, and leading some fans and the media to speculate that a wedding wasn’t so far ahead.

To capture their wedding moments on camera, the couple hired fashion and celebrity photographer Liang Su, who has shot photographs for , among other publications.

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Clarifying the rumors, Jay noted that if he were married, he would make an announcement.

Asked whether he had found an ideal partner yet, Jay said, “This question is quite special. ” The Taiwan edition of published a photo of Jay and Hannah’s August vacation in France, which exposed the couple’s dating relationship.

There is no need to hide if I were to get married and especially no need to get a marriage certificate at such a faraway location.” Jay vowed to announce his marriage when it occurs.

On the other hand, in a recent interview, Hannah stated, “I can get married right now!

Snow, Chou’s choreographer and good friend, takes credit for introducing the couple to each other.

And while there was no love at first sight, Chou has said that Hannah nevertheless made an impression on him.

Asked to confirm whether Hannah and Jay vacationed together in Japan, Hannah’s manager replied, “We will not respond to the artist’s private affairs.” Promoting at Hit FM yesterday, Jay noted that his intention to get married at the age of 35-years-old remained unchanged.

“I do not want to have a generation gap with my children.” Regarding allegations that he got secretly married in France, Jay said, “When I saw the report, I just laughed!

The couple has not spoken much about how their relationship developed, but within a year after their first meeting, Jay has cast Hannah in the initial cut of the music video for his song “How Are You”.

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