Jay chou dating hannah

There is no need to hide if I were to get married and especially no need to get a marriage certificate at such a faraway location.” Jay vowed to announce his marriage when it occurs.

On the other hand, in a recent interview, Hannah stated, “I can get married right now!

Notably, among Jay Chou’s past girlfriends, Hannah is the youngest and the one who has stayed with him the longest. According to Apple Daily, the proposal occurred during one of their stays in England: Jay Chou had carefully arranged the moment, there were fireworks in the sky, he knelt down to one knee for the big question, and Hannah’s answer, of course, was, .

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To capture their wedding moments on camera, the couple hired fashion and celebrity photographer Liang Su, who has shot photographs for , among other publications.

The couple’s love story is a modern fairy tale, which is also the theme of their wedding.

Yesterday, a netizen revealed that on October 9, Jay and Hannah were spotted shopping in the Shibuya district of Japan, which matched the time frame of Jay’s mother’s photo taken in the Harajuku district.

Apparently, the trio had indeed taken a vacation to Japan together!

In a wedding ceremony that seems straight out of a fairy tale, Mandopop king Jay Chou finally tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, model and actress Hannah Quinlivan.

From how they met to their grand, exclusive wedding to their plans for the future, Perfect Weddings shares the couple’s love story.

The first picture, shot in black and white, shows the couple in a romantic embrace with a classical Parisian roofline serving as background.

The second photograph shows the couple facing each other with the Vltava River and the historic Charles Bridge behind them.

The couple has not spoken much about how their relationship developed, but within a year after their first meeting, Jay has cast Hannah in the initial cut of the music video for his song “How Are You”.

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