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It’s said in a manner which suggests that, what the young workers don’t receive for their labour, the older workers do. The raising of youth wages should not, and does not, lead to the lowering of wages for older workers, in the same way that raising the wages of women did not do the same thing.

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But all of those arguments are completely wrong and the truth is that bosses are just looking for any excuse to make bigger profits, and are backed by the organs of a capitalist state, such as the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission.

Too say that young people can’t stack shelves, operate cash registers or serve food as fast or as well as older workers just because of their age is a total lie.

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By Kirk About 75% of high school students over the age of 15 work in part time and casual jobs.

At KFC, 15 year old workers can be paid a tiny 40% of full, adult pay, all for the exact same work that anyone who is 21 years or older would do.

Bosses and companies argue that young people don’t have the same skills or don’t work as hard or as fast as older workers, or even that they don’t need as much money as older workers because they don’t need to support families.

What the young workers don’t receive goes straight back into the pockets of the bosses, and not into the pockets of their co-workers.

Young people still have to pay the same amount of money as older workers on full wages, for clothes, food and shelter, and due to this, many young people live in poverty even though they have jobs.

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