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This fraction of full wages is outrageous, and similarly insulting percentages are faced by workers from 17 years of age to 20 years of age.

These outrageous fraction-wages can be found in agreements for Coles and other supermarket workers aswell.

At KFC, 15 year old workers can be paid a tiny 40% of full, adult pay, all for the exact same work that anyone who is 21 years or older would do.

Bosses and companies argue that young people don’t have the same skills or don’t work as hard or as fast as older workers, or even that they don’t need as much money as older workers because they don’t need to support families.

But while we are busy enjoying our new found cash, we don’t always realise exactly how badly we are being exploited and ripped off by our bosses.

Young workers make up their own special group within the bigger workforce with 60% of them working in the retail and hospitality industries.

Companies like Mc Donalds, Subway, KFC and Hungry Jacks are built around young, low paid workers, and they rely on young people, to be the ones cooking the burgers, dishing out the soft serve and operating the cash registers.

And it’s not just fast food that relies on young workers, but super markets who roster 15 16 and 17 year olds to operate the checkouts at 10 o’clock on a Saturday night, or spend their Sundays putting the soft-drink and the chips on the shelves.

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission have stated that “Employers may lawfully pay a youth wage” or that it is well within the rights of bosses to exploit young workers by paying them less than their older colleagues, based on age.

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