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In 2002, the manga was adapted into a television drama with Yukie Nakama in the title role. An animated adaptation ran on Nippon Television from January 6, 2004 to March 30, 2004.The third season of the (live action) series was aired as Nippon Television's 55th Anniversary Program in 2008.A brilliant student, he dropped out of Tokyo Universiy's law program because he had had mastered ...

The drama it invokes when you think of this normal guy, whose life wasn't easy, who didn't become a teacher (mostly) to hit on girls in fukus, taking on these kids, and making them see that he, even if nobody else agrees, does not think they are trash.

He doesn't always assume that the adult is always on the right side of the argument, and he doesn't assume that these kids are automatically going to do wrong by him.

Eikichi Onizuka, an ex biker gang leader who is still a virgin, has decided to become the world's greatest teacher... See full summary » About Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old ex-gangster member and a virgin.

He has one ambition that no one ever expected from him.

See full summary » Gokusen is the story of recently graduated Kumiko Yamaguchi, aka.

Yankumi, and her life as a new high school teacher.

Unlike the other new teachers at her school Kumiko gets placed with teh...

See full summary » Golden Boy is the story of Kintaro Oe, a twenty-five-year-old in pursuit of life's lessons.

For Johnny’s they have the painful past of suffering a big embarrassment of Kimura Takuya and Kudou Shizuka‘s marriage being leaked. The possibility of an engagement announcement by the year end is high.” (An associate of Wide Show)Source This post is tagged with gossip, meaning it contains information that is purely speculation.

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