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His father stated he was devastated to hear about the allegation, but is waiting for more information to come out.He added his son, who worked for the Crime Control Division at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, is a hard worker.Our new cameras are friendly with PCs vista & XP on internet explorer & Firefox, Macs on Safari and Firefox and i Phones.

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But Sykes alleges the problems started before the dog attacked.

"There's a right to be free from unlawful entry, under the Fourth Amendment," he told FOX 13 News, adding, "We have a police officer without a warrant, kicking down a door, and going in someone's home." The West Jordan Police Department said the video tells an incomplete story. Dan Roberts said they'd been called to Hoogveldts residence by neighbors who'd felt threatened by him and were concerned about a fire burning in his back yard.

As for what Sykes identifies as Hoogveldt's surrender in the video, Roberts says: "He could have easily been hiding another weapon on him." The West Jordan Police Department maintains that their officers were in danger and that appropriate force was used to take Lee Hoogveldt into custody.

They say the incident was also captured by at least one other officer's body camera, but that video will not be released due to the litigation. WARNING: This raw footage may be disturbing to some, viewer discretion is advised.

The latest footage was captured by Mr Carmack’s bodycam.

Sheriff Chris Nocco is keen for the public see such videos to understand more about the type of issues and dangers deputies face on a day-to-day basis, a Pasco Sheriff’s Office spokesman said.

The video shows large amounts of blood covering his face.

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