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Käskynhaltijakin had a common east and west of the Gulf of Bothnia, while living, they will from time to time Korsholm castle.Only the church was in Relation To Some kind of Difference Exists Between EACH half of the province.After Alatornion removed more areas of European Tornio city before the final combi nation of the municipality of the city of Tornio.

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Already in 1380-first century looms clergyman Arriving here in the bottom. Anders, Norrabottenin dean, Ken was deployed in one court Decision in Tornio parish 29 / 7 1386.

His Name Does not exist in Priests for months, since it is doubtful Whether the Luleå Whether or Tornio at his church.

Letter, 28 / 4 1606 indicate komisaari Daniel Hjort alkuvalmistukset Been a committed for the church and papinkin Elected.

That Came From church to the wilderness of Lapland's esikoistemppeli, the famous Rounalan church.

Probably the last place yet at That time was kontrahtirovastin habitat.

Event Not known yet Whether the Tornio then separated from Luleå own church at all.

Probably the chapel Where The church was still Relatively young.

The exhibit turbid bothered Further That the two heads of the Diocese, Probably in the summer of 1347, met in a port (Kompanasundh) in Luleå and Tornio Unity Between the Churches, "when there discussed the issue of Diocesan boundaries.

Nedertorneå) is a former municipality, now part of Tornio City area.

Originally Alatornio has Been a large part of the Gulf of Bothnia to the Arctic Ocean crossing pirkka kinds of usufruct area.

Indeed, research has been Received photographic method invisible to the eye of the medieval text, find words: De Lulo capellis Hold et cum Toorn X or II.

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