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Failure to do so will cause us to promptly take appropriate legal action against you and any other appropriate parties.Rest assured, my clients are prepared to vigorously defend their rights under causes of actions arising from the articles on your website and prove any and all damages caused by your actions. However, if you agree with your lawyer’s assertion that: This letter is a follow up to my written correspondence to you dated August 1, 2013, in which I referenced an article on your website containing incomplete and/or incorrect factual information relating to my clients Kenneth Santucci and Evan Starkman in connection with the lawsuit Tonya Cooley v.

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Imagine my further surprise when your attorney declined to do so, and once again demanded my compliance.

Because my clients were left without a remedy to cure the irreparable harm caused by your article, I respectfully asked you to remove my clients’ names from the article within a reasonable period of time.

A: It is a very typical to go out on a date with someone, have a great time/enjoy their company, but there might have been a couple of red flags that popped up.

You might have thought the conversation went smooth when, in actuality, there may have been a couple points you should have kept to yourself. Some guys like girls that get around, others don’t.

Real World: Brooklyn Baya lives in Salt Lake City and is a DJ, founded her own matchmaking company, and is an executive assistant and production coordinator for an entertainment company.

Bacchus told me to post this in a new thread for a fresh start, and the old thread will be locked.

If you’re asking me, it’s a female trait, but we all have it.

Q: Are most guys looking for relationships or hook ups – and how can you tell?

Real World: New York Heather’s most recent musical endeavor culminated in an album release in 2010.

She currently has a radio show titled “The Happy Hour with Heather B”.

That said, please note that this letter is a final and stern warning.

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