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The employer shall be prohibited from employing foreign manpower unless the competent authority has granted them a permit to work for him.The Minister shall issue a resolution setting forth the procedures, documents and fees that shall be paid by the employer.19 of the year 2000 concerning Support of National Manpower arid Encouraging it to Work in Non-governmental Entities, as amended; The National Assembly has ratified the following law which is hereby approved and promulgated.

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2- The Minister: The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor.

3- The Worker: Any male or female person who performs a manual or mental work for an employer under the employer’s management and supervision against remuneration.

4- The Employer: Every natural or legal person who uses the services of workers against remuneration.

5- The Organization: An organization that gathers workers or employers with similar or related businesses, occupations or jobs in order to protect their interests, defend their rights and represent them in all matters related to their affairs.

The Ministry arid the competent authority shall not engage in any discriminatory or preferential treatment in dealing with employers with regard to the granting of work or transfer permits by granting such permits to some employers and denying them to others for any pretext or justification.

The Ministry may, for organization reasons suspend the issue of work and transfer permits for a period not exceeding two weeks in any one year, and no employers may be excluded from such suspension during such period.Any act made in violation of this Article shall be absolutely null and void.A professional apprentice is every person who, having completed his 15th year of age, signs a contract with the entity in order to learn a profession within a specific period in accordance with conditions and regulations that are agreed upon.Chapter Two Employment, Apprenticeship and Professional Training The Minister shall issue resolutions that regulate the conditions of employment in the private sector, particularly the following: 1- Conditions for the moving of manpower from one employer to another.2- Conditions for the granting of permission for the manpower of one employer to work for another employer for some time.The employer shall bear the expenses of the worker’s return to his country.

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