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" The five disagreed and they said to Kyuhyun that "Sooyoung is so skinny." Tiffany then comes out to say what her weight is which she said, "I weigh the most at 48 kg (~ 106 lbs)." Tiffany then goes on by saying while laughing that Sunny teases her by calling "This pig" which everyone erupted laughing.

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Not even Siwon came close to this two as being their type.

Second Discussion Topic After this, the next topic that came up was weight amongst the members. The answer that the five on the show stated was "We're all similar." Though Kyuhyun then asked, "Wouldn't it be Sooyoung because of her height?

When the topic of "skinship" was mentioned, Jessica said, "Isn't it funny if we talk about skinship with you guys?

" Each of the members felt kind of "uncomfortable" speaking about this.

Yuri came out by saying, "We, too, want to be free about it.

However, I think the problem is whether the public would accept it freely." Once Yuri was done saying this, Kim then asked if there are now more restrictions or "inhibitions" now that Yoon A and Sooyoung are dating and media knows regarding the two.

Five of the nine members of Girls' Generation appeared on the March 12th episode of "MBC's Radio Star." The members who attended were Tiffany, Yuri, Jessica, Sunny, and Taeyeon as they revealed secrets, ideal types, and impressions on which member has more stress.

"MBC's Radio Star" is a place where stars come out with their secrets that they do not reveal often.

He’d be the husband that would set up a cute surprise picnic or cook you dinner with a beautifully set table.

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