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They say love conquers all, so you never know, with the right woman by his side, maybe, just maybe Bobby could have had a different outcome.Too bad it didn’t work out between the two of them.Questions were also asked to determine whether these women self-disclosed intimate details to their romantic partners or self-silenced themselves.

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He had one of the most incredible falsetto voices to have EVER touched the music industry and unfortunately he also had his demons that stemmed from his childhood and his horrific relationship with his father.

It’s hard not to imagine what would have become of Bobby if he and La Toya would have stayed together.

Actress-turned Trump supporter-turned fired Fox news commentator-turned one of the most disliked people in America, Stacey Dash (51), has yet again shook up the internet on Friday evening. READ MORE We love us some Salt-N-Pepa, here at ILove Old School Music…been diggin’ all three members- Pepa, Salt and Spinderella- since the 1980’s.

A lotta things done changed in the world since then, including two factors that Pepa is ?

The purpose of this thesis research was to understand the relationship between father absence and women's communication styles in romantic heterosexual relationships under social cognitive theory.

Two studies were conducted using a multi-method research approach in order to triangulate the results.Thus, she decided to cook up a fake engagement story to get the attention and spotlight refocused on her.Of course, that also means that she had to find a willing patsy, and apparently, she did. Now, La Toya had already revealed that she wasn’t married, but some people were still focusing on her ‘engagement’ to Jeffre Phillips.Seven fatherless women were interviewed to arrive at a better understanding of how father absence informed their romantic relational experiences.Specifically, the topics of relationship roles, self-disclosure, expression, and self-silencing in romantic relationships were examined in the interviews.One night, he started fooling around on the Fender Rhodes.

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