Lebanese culture dating

– In most areas, a handshake is the norm in formal and business situations.When greeting a good friend or someone familiar, a series of three kisses (alternating cheeks) will usually be included in the introduction.

Family is a very important aspect of the culture and asking about one’s family is usually greatly appreciated.

In the current political situation it is better to steer clear of talking or enquiring about political/religious subjects.

If (and when) you go out at night, dressing up well will most certainly get you some respect. Smoking is very common in Beirut, a large portion of the people smoke both outdoors and indoors.

The locals like to see that foreigners are doing what they can to fit in. Alcohol is very cheap in shops and supermarkets, yet in night venues, prices can rise up to European standards (8,000L. Most restaurants have special smoking areas that are ventilated, so make sure you ask whether a particular restaurant or cafe is smoking or not, and ask for a non-smoking table if you don't want to sit around smokers.

Handshakes (always use the right hand) and kisses (three kisses alternating cheeks) are common.

During initial meetings, a verbal greeting and/or nod of acknowledgment is also acceptable for many people.

Eye Contact Direct eye contact is acceptable to a degree between sexes.

It becomes less so –especially if it’s direct and prolonged– between elders/kids and boss/employee.

Some Muslim women prefer not to shake hands with men; it is best to see if a hand is extended to you first, if not, refrain from extending yours.- Men usually greet one another with a warm handshake (always use the right hand). When greeting a good friend or someone familiar, a series of three kisses (alternating cheeks) will be included in the introduction.

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