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British singer, designer and actress Pixie Lott turns 20 on January 12!

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‘The total must be about half a million euros,’ admits Deni.

The couple aren’t selling Chez Jallot as a business as they would have to pay capital gains tax, although they are happy to offer advice to buyers who want to run a similar concern.

Since Chez Jallot opened its doors in November 2004, they have been inundated with bookings from viewers charmed by the couple’s French dream.

Some guests have been from as far as Australia, where the show aired a couple of years after it did in Britain.‘In the first few years all our guests were viewers of the show,’ says Deni.

The odds didn’t look good – neither of them spoke French, they had no experience with building work and they hadn’t even been intending to move overseas when they bought the house just two days after spotting it.

They sold their Dorset home and gave up steady jobs in Britain (Doug was an engineer and Deni worked in sales and marketing.)The five-storey property in the department of Creuse in the Limousin region in central France had been the headquarters of the local Resistance movement during the war.

Whilst you are there, perhaps take a look at this trio of.

We have a slew of birthdays to announce since we skipped last weeks! Check out to see if you share a birthday with someone famous: Lauren Storm celebrated her 23rd on January 2nd and so did Kristin Cavallari on January 5th.

Mar 21st, | Poem of the month… Mars Spring is in the air: birds are singing, temperatures are rising and flowers are making their awaited come back. Inspired by these welcomed changes in nature, we picked this great poem by. In fact there are many buyers who prefer the chance to do all of these things rather than buy something completely ‘done’.. Next time you head to southwest France check out Lascaux, near Montignac.

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They plan to stay in the area and buy or even build something smaller.

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