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After being shocked at this interrogation the first 10 minutes, she had the understanding to just DEMAND her Visa be honored, and changed her attitude of fear into an attitude of questioning this immigration agents right to deny her entry. We did not know, but the VISA in the Passport only allows you to ATTEMPT to enter the US...

the real authority is at the Port of Entry, where they have the right to reject the VISA, and send you back on the next flight.

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Anyway, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is what I think. But in her email after she arrives in Moscow she says she doesn't know anyone. It is a classic, in Ukraine, Russia, and other FSU countries. I met my wife on-line, then went to visit her in her city.

Feel free to reply to this post with any additional information you would like to include and I'll be happy to evaluate it too. visas are not easy for anyone since 911 the requirements are harder and require a background check. A big thing to look out for is if she is using a travel agency to help her with her papers and plane tickets. During the first meeting, we had chemistry, so she offered to get her Tourist Visa.

by Jeff (Maryland) I have been corresponding via email with someone I think though to be legitimate. She has also sent me many pictures and a copy of her passport. This shows the government that she really is coming for "tourism". There are several clues even in your short post (apart from the obvious request for money). Her emails built up this story that she was coming to the U. for work, and could work in any city she wanted, so she wanted to know what city I was in so that she could come here to be with me.

She has now gotten plane fare and sent me the flight information but now says the embassy says she must prove material solvency in order to travel. First, she claims she has booked a flight prior to receiving her visa. So, in her last email before she supposedly was to fly to Moscow en route to the U.

It's always that they have fallen in "love" with you real fast, then for some reason or another they have to take their vacation from work real soon and they have a "valid" passport and can get a "visa" from a agency they are using.

Then all of sudden they find out that the expenses are more than they have and that they have already spent all their money and have even sold items at the "pawn" shop or whatever to try to come up with the money.

they would neither offer it, nor would they provide it upon request.

S., she said, among other things, "You should know that after sending this email I will go home, take my packed bags and fly to Moscow".

One of the best tools to use is Google Images and upload a picture of the girl. I have been trying meeting Russian women for a few years now.

And virtually all of them at some point wanted money before we even met. So, as beautiful as the woman is in the picture I am beginning to think this is how they are getting by. So, my hard fast rule is NEVER send money.[Bob's Comment:]Gosh, I should probably add that to the list of suggestions I offer on my site :) NEVER SEND MONEY! Ya know, just today I was re-reading my home page as a start of a sitewide review to evaluate how I may improve my content. If you just start searching, writing, chatting, etc., most likely you'll end up scammed.

if that's the case that's a good scam in itself for our U. I hope someone would comment on my questions, if is not true, maybe we should demand truth from our own government and in the future everyone will know that there is no possibility to come take a vacation in America.

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