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But they still don't have enough, and could you send them some money via Western Union or Money Gram. I keep all the pictures of the girls that have sent me pictures in separate folders in the name of the girl that sent them.When I compared them I was shocked to find out how many of the "supposed" pictures of different girls were all the same girl.But at an even higher level - leaving aside all the legal details further behind - it shouldn't take one more than about 5 minutes of reading questions/answers on this site to see that "I have a visa and want to come visit..." is the opener for nearly every scam attempt!

But with a little common sense combined with a little guidance, scams are completely avoidable. And seriously, even short of a girl outright requesting money, there are a LOT of clues that this is on a girl's mind (probably what you mean when you say "I now can even tell when this request is coming")...

When she complains about how little she earns, or how much things cost, etc.

Just assume that if you met a "real" and sincere Russian/Ukrainian woman online, she'll expect that you visit her in her country first, and assume that this is the ONLY reasonable way for men to proceed.

Make those assumptions and all these "Can she really get a tourist visa? I've been getting emails from 4 different Russian women.

So take that phrase, including the double quotes, and paste it into Google.

You'll see that this "girl's" messages to me were sent to many other men, including this last one saying essentially "I'm on my way! I think if you do a similar exercise you'll find that the messages she sent to you were sent to many others. I have a Filipino wife, and we went through almost a year with the filing, interviews to prove who she was. Also she wants you to send the money via Western union to a name she gave. If you do a search on the Internet for "Visa/Travel Scam" you will learn all about this sort of rip-off.

One of the best tools to use is Google Images and upload a picture of the girl. I have been trying meeting Russian women for a few years now.

And virtually all of them at some point wanted money before we even met. So, as beautiful as the woman is in the picture I am beginning to think this is how they are getting by. So, my hard fast rule is NEVER send money.[Bob's Comment:]Gosh, I should probably add that to the list of suggestions I offer on my site :) NEVER SEND MONEY! Ya know, just today I was re-reading my home page as a start of a sitewide review to evaluate how I may improve my content. If you just start searching, writing, chatting, etc., most likely you'll end up scammed.

if that's the case that's a good scam in itself for our U. I hope someone would comment on my questions, if is not true, maybe we should demand truth from our own government and in the future everyone will know that there is no possibility to come take a vacation in America.

In my humble opinion they are allowing the scams by even suggesting there is such thing as a tourist visa. Maybe not everyone wants to live in America, but the "gatekeepers" operate on that assumption and place the burden of proof, as it were, on the visa applicant to demonstrate adequate ties to their home country/community to convince them that the applicant is fairly sure to return.

I know they are all scams, but I like to play with them.

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