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The fungi are responsible for protecting the photosynthetic organism by producing a vegative body called a thallus.

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'They grow about one millimeter per year, making artifacts easier to date.' Sometimes crustose lichens can show no increase in size for ten years.

'In dating a lichen, for example, if the radius is about fifty millimeters across, or five centimeters, one could assume that the rock had been there for at least twenty five years.' Foliose lichens connect loosely to stones and have a leaf-like shape (see Figure 2).

BY MEGAN NYLUND Lichens are an interesting life form comprised of part algae and part fungus.

The two live symbiotically, each contributing to the survival of the other.

If the measurements are similar it is a good indication that the estimated date is somewhat accurate.

On the other hand, if there are no other colonies of lichens, or the measurements are significantly different, it might be hard to get an accurate date. If the artifact one is studying is near an industrial park or factory, the results may be incorrect.

Each specie looks different and has distinguishing characteristics which differentiate the different types.

Crustose lichens comprise of about 75% of all the lichens in the world.

The three main types of lichens found in New England are: crustose, foliose, and fructicose.

Each species of lichens has distinguishing characteristics which separates one from another.

Lichens are very sensitive to pollution from the atmosphere which causes them not to grow in highly polluted areas.

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