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this is a cut and paste mostly i just need it in better form like AI, PDF, PSD, or CDR. For my friend’s birthday, for fun we took a picture trying to imitate the same positions as the famous piece of art “The Last Supper” from Leonardo Da Vinci.

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If no GPS is found from the visitor, then I would like it to show a image as the backup. It would need to be coded via html/css and able to pa... For my leasing vehicle site I need an background image to show all differnt types of vehicles from bikes boats cars helicopters buses trucks motorbikes lorrys I do have an exmaple of what i want it to look like too to made things easier I would like it to work similarly to Google Now.

should only work if he hears the word "Jan" for example : [url removed, login to view] join the half screen and what I say should be seen on the screen after recognizing the command, it should be appropriately adapted for example: Jan what time is it -Just looking a computer background done in the style of Hotline Miami ([url removed, login to view]) Basically exactly the same but the proper resolution for a wide screen and with a couple modifications (guy holding a mouse/laptop, compny name to replace movie name) I have a C# background printer app that is connected to a socket, to print.

This project is about a Correction Pen Manufactured by KORES. I Need someone to make me three background sets made in Toon Boom or another Vector graphics program for my animation project.

It’s ok if you just send me the assets as separate files. plants, flowers, houses, flowers etc - I can re-size, re-shape, re-colour and repeat the files when needed and arrange into comps.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask those of you who read my blog to ask questions and suggest future blog posts.

This post is not directly about contractor or homeowner issues, but I have been thinking lately about the stress of dealing with a lawsuit.

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I Want to Hire I Want to Work Looking for a simple logo design, text only, vintage border ( i will provide link) in AI PDF PSD or CDR.

Logo in two colors Blueish purple white, on a plum purple colored background.

I also have a jpeg image (spiral) that i need tiled into one larger image for a background separate from the logo.

Maybe you already have some of these assets standing by? I want to create the background needed for a cartoon movie.

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