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oh..right now I am rereading Nicholas Sparks' Last Song. Starts with "One for the Money" and I think she's up to 16 or 17 now!

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I did find the first one was hard to get into it, but I couldn't put it down once I did. And if anyone likes books in series format, I loved the "Left Behind" series.

It is Chritian Fiction and I would have never known about it unless someone gave me the first 2 books to read.

A few flashbacks to the first movie, as well as adding 20-30 mins.

total to the movie would have made it so much better. There is also a Hollywood remake of it that's in filming now, with Mara Rooney and Daniel Craig (the current 007).

It took a bit of time to get used to reading on a device, but it is great to have all of my books with me at once since I often read more than one at a time.***Harlan Coben and Khalid Husseini.*** Have read many Harlan Coben (thanks to Calico), both of Khalid Husseini (not sure if he has anything new out, mental note to check that).

I'm having a tough time getting into Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, will try giving it more of a chance based on some input here.

Hopefully, I'll have some fresh product by the 1st day of summer.cbgb, I think I'm going to brew a European-style Pilsner for my first batch. Bessie: I think it's a great "read" while you're on the road. I remember it being very long, and I listened to the abridged version and I think it was 9 or 10 discs. Maybe you can't take books out, but you can enjoy the facility.

I think it will be appropriate for the time of year; I'll save the darker, more full-bodied brews for the approach of autumn. ", a novel about a woman who has twins while her marriage, business and personal life implode. It's one of the Target featured books, so they sell it at 20% off. s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1306095045&sr=1-2 The reviews are mixed. Funny thing is when I went to read what it was about to refresh my memory.. It really is spectacular..I'm not exaggurating."My Grandfather's Son" by Clarence Thomas As one who grew up "all around" the U.

Odd trivia bit is that the actor who portrayed Mikal is supposed to be playing a villain in the next Bond flick.

As for current reads, no fiction in the works right now, just genealogy and a number of history, geography and technical books of no interest to most people other than myself I'm sure. One for a non-fiction book challenge I'm involved in from my book club and another just because I like to read.

I feel like it's almost like misspelling your own last name. One that I can certainly forgive, but not sure I can forget ;o)Oh!

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