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I'd go into my bank accounts, my investment accounts, my mutual fund account, my credit cards accounts…It would take me a solid hour to get every account.

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In order to achieve the lowest possible CO² emissions from transport, congress participants are strongly encouraged to use environmental friendly means of transport on their trip to Vienna (please consult the Website of the Austrian train service) and to the Congress Center.

Public transportation tickets for Vienna can be booked via the congress website.

But, if you look more in detail, you can see that each fish has been designed with the colours of one of the posters of the past ECRs and that they, together, delineate the number 25.

Furthermore, the number 25 at the top of the poster and the logo surrounding it are written with the same font used for the ECR posters of the first years.

Personal Capital will pull the data from each account so I don't need to manually log in.

It separates itself from other services because the investment management portion is not an afterthought and fully integrated into the system.It's free, it's well designed and what started as a test run in Fall 2015 has become my permanent solution (it's my favorite of the Mint alternatives).I use Personal Capital as a way to quickly collect brokerage investing and banking data for my Net Worth Record, a spreadsheet I use to track our family's net worth.For those who prefer the paper version, a printing company was contracted based on its ability to guarantee the highest printing quality while using recyclable paper from environmentally friendly and sustainably managed forests.Through a major expansion of the ECR Online programme, ECR 2018 attracted 6,415 online viewers, a development that is very much in the spirit of green meetings.By cooperating with two catering companies that also boast eco-friendly credentials, the congress could offer locally-sourced products and avoid the use of disposable plates and plastic bottles.

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