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Police have not yet released any suspect information.The discussion forum servers are being overwhelmed today by the massive traffic surge in pursuit of this news story.

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I hope one day she gets better, i really like her, she seems like a nice person and she doesn't deserve to live a sad life. What ever the case is be it an actual chip implanted into her or mental illness no matter the REAL Reason its still sad for CHIP!!! Nobody knows for certain exactly what is wrong with this lady we can only assume and speculate. what I do know is that its a sad way to live no matter what the real exact reason is and I personally do feel sorry for her and I do care about her well being..

Good morning chip I am glad to see your cam is still up and working. Maybe someone did in plant some type of mind control chip who knows?? I know I would not want to live her life by any means and I don't think anyone else would regardless of that I know that I try to come daily and check up on her to see how she is doing because I do care about her and I do pray someday she can finally live a good happy productive life no matter what the real reason is why she is the way she is..

I agree with the last person About CHIP I am sure she is a VERY nice person and it is a pity she lives this way. Whatever is wrong with it be it a mental illness or some chip inserted into her body!! She seems to live a lonely secluded sad life and what she is going thru has to be her own personal HELL!!

I pray for her every day and night and I ask god to help her and protect her.

The apartment complex is just west of North Prospect Avenue.

Police say the victim, a man, was taken to the hospital, but his condition is not yet known.

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