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cfi$fal ne«* godation as a statesman^ and the extent of his information as a senator* Amidst the biistk of office, my Lord^ it was always your dearest ddigbt to relax in the society of literary characters, and t seek for knowledge from every source th M your enlightened ui Mferstandiiig €0^\d dis- close.

Long retired to the enjoyment of that ease to which previous and honoumble labours 'give a zest, and firmed to taste the sweets of independence, — congenial friends^ who are more attached to your person than your rank, supply the varied charms of conversation, while your ample library, collected with so much expcnce, b4 Digitized by Google VUl DEDICATION*. FACE JL BK thread of the correspondence resumed and coxw nected with the former Letters bj a iingle |Mge«~ A retttm to Cromer, where the Reader is replaced in comfort^ and l Atrodocad at first tight to a friend -« and such a one as if mdf to be met with amongst the oldest acquaintance in the walks of life •— Another firiend who, without any Aght at all, is no less cour- teous to the stnmger by the way — Poor, n^eny, and blind James Rbynolds !

XXt PAGt lent onuimented sons, forming a more perfect man tfamn either educati Dn, fbhiooy wealth, solitude or so- cietj^ can often exhibit in any age or cpuntry . The village of Woodhurst — A farm house, not of ma- dem construction or furniture — or inhabitants-— the excesses of loving-kindness — - touches of nature —the bliss and misery of a parent — the sympathy of a friend — the duty, piety, and love of a dying child — village graves and epitaphs — times long past — the present hour — the parting moment — Friend and Reader, Adieu . * 608 Digitized by Google Digitized by Google ^uji publijhedj (With an Engra Ting of the Author) THE FIFTH EDITION OF GLEANINGS Through Wales, Holland, and Westphalia^ In Three Volumw, Price One Guinea in Boards. " THE Author continues to merit the chara Qcr he ha« long and defervedly maintainedi of a fprightly and agreeable writer ; of an inte Higent, and often a fagacious obferver of huoun life and manners ; and he is entertaining throughout." Bntl/b Critic, " The Englifh Gleaner has here formed a golden flicaf upon £ngr]i(h ground.'* Jnti-Jacobm Review.

*• We think that the country which forms the fubjet^ of this volume has not for a long time received a more manly or intereftiog tribute from any individual fon or daughter who iharei its bounties." Ne*w London Review, *• The Author has here, in manifold inftances, fhown hlmfclf a faithful delineator of his countrymen, and a generous and manly defender of his country ; to which his performance is a tribute no lefs valuable than well timed." Gentleman's Mag.

John's— Worcester — Corpus Christi — Merton — Oriel — Lin- coln, and Jesus Colleges 473 LETTER XXXI. Ives — description of these — sketches of the history of the county — its antiqui- tiesy British, Roman, Saxon, and Danish, from an unpublished work, by favour of the author . Pome-fel^ feelings -~ the power of local attachment — remarks on a beautiful poem under that title — * first perusal of the first letter to the heart— meadow scenery •— objects of tranquillity amidst a world of tumult — Houghton hills — a youthful hermit and his hermitage — verses written in the latter by the hermit^ friend r • • 5^' LETTER XXXIV.

The pleasures of accident— the Gleaner introduces his Reader to an entertaining and estimable stranger — Naval anecdotes on board the Venerable — public and private character of Lord Duncan — gallantry of the seamen — the horrors of defeat and of victory— anecdote of De Winter — reflections on Lord Dun- can's conquest — touching extracts from a naval ser- mon — inscription for the intended Naval Pillar — ^ Remarks on that subject — ignorance and wisdom neighbour each other — Illustrations of both — Ori- Digitized by Google XXVf COKTBKTSir gtnal Saimcts 09 a report of the death of Ch^pt^ Smithy and on that report being without fotindationy contributed bj z friend • . Saaed Gleanings — a visit to a church and church- yard —a tribute of affection and of djity to the living and the dead — a solemn hour— and its effects on the mind and feelings of the Author — the reader is introduced to an original being — the effusions of an unpolluted heart, and the traits of one of Nature'a 6 Digitized by Google COWTENTSi. in Boards, OF GLEANINGS m ENGLAND; Dtfcriptive of the Countenance, Mind, and CNARACTBR of the Country.

In the paitia Uty which the Public has so liberally shewn to his pre* vious labours^ he presumes, indeed, to antidpate tbe encouraging sanction of the Marquis of Lansddwn; and in this pleasing hope, has the honour to be, with every sentiment qf considerafton ap4 esteem. Spencer, Gray, Mason, and the present Chancellor of the Exchequer, educated here •— Bene't, its origin^ its library for ecclesiastical manufcripts, the most celebrated in Great Britain — Trinity and Key*» ' College — The gate of humility — The gate of virtue — ^The gate of wisdom and the gate of honour, particulars concerning them — Story of the Snltaua and kis Vizier — King's College — Its magnifi- cence — Its chapel, the most perfect specimen of go- thlc architecture -—Accurate description of itschoir, of itstworoofsi walls, windows, Sec. - Donation of Prior the Poet, poor ^m^iuh Fontainer— Curiosities — JBeaefacdons — Ravages of Cromwell -^ St. Local description of Oxford^ from the samd source -*• .

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