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Jet engines and turboprops are the other common aviation power plants; while operation differs substantially, the basics here apply to all types.

Engine design Engines must be:* lightweight, as a heavy engine increases the empty weight of the aircraft & reduces its payload.* small and easily streamlined; large engines with substantial surface area, when installed, create too much drag, wasting fuel and reducing power output.* powerful, to overcome the weight and drag of the aircraft.* reliable, as losing power in an airplane is a substantially greater problem than an automobile engine seizing.

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Aircraft engines operate at temperature, pressure, and speed extremes, and therefore need to operate reliably and safely under all these conditions.* repairable, to keep the cost of replacement down. Types of Reciprocating Engines In-line Engine This type of engine has cylinders lined up in one row.

It typically has an even number of cylinders, but there are instances of three- and five- cylinder engines.

It is highly recommended that you review all the data for accuracy.

The term aircraft engine, for the purposes of this article, refers to reciprocating and rotary internal combustion engines used in aircraft.

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