Long hair men dating dating spanking profiles

There’s nothing like a lazy afternoon, with you running your fingers through their hair.

Nevertheless, there is the issue of only having one hair straightener, and I’ve noticed that men take a lot more time to get ready when they’re hair obsessed.

You also don’t have to worry that he’ll take longer then you when he’s getting ready.

This means you get the pros of having a long haired man without the cons.

He isn’t consumed with the need to display his healthy mane. The best part is that because they tend to play with the end of the pony tail, they start developing a little curl towards the bottom.

This always looks adorable and it’s fun to pull the curl down and watch it snap back.

The age old dilemma, do I or don’t I think that the long haired male specimen sitting across from me is attractive? When it’s hot, you don’t need that irritating mess anywhere near you- you have your own hair to contend with. I’d like to walk with my partner without getting a fist full of hair in my mouth – despite the fact that he thinks it’s a bonding experience.

I like the idea of snuggling with my face pressed up against their hair. However, when it’s hot, that move is definitely a no go.I’ve always thought that if horses were people they would have rocker length hair. Better yet, being able to share hair treatment tips with one another, who doesn’t love a good hair maintenance tip?On the other hand, I for one do not wish to be bombarded with constant feelings of jealously every time I see his long hair.Although some may appreciate said reflected rays, I myself tend to find them directly reflecting into my eye. I must admit, I do like the fantasy of running my fingers through his hair, until I’m plagued with images of my fingers forever captured in it.During the ensuing battle to recapture my fingers, a chunk of his hair will be ripped out and his long hair will be no more.It’s both short and long, so you get the best of both worlds.

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