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Can you imagine having to wait an hour to use your own straightener because Mr. Even worse, if they discover said hair style while they’re seeing you and decide it’s just more affordable to use yours then to buy their own. If you’re into tall men, then his hair will more than make up the difference.Then you have a fashionista on your hands that’s also cheap. This hair style tends to appear on boys your parents don’t like. Also, what’s more fun than helping him get his hair just the right amount of spiky in the morning, if anything, it’s a great way to bond. Your man needs a lot of morning time in the bathroom, and if you’re not keen on helping him, this may be a deal breaker. There is also the issue that they are accident prone, one well intentioned turn of the head might very well sweep everything off your selves.All I’m saying is that it’s completely unfair that I can’t get mine to grow that long. Or possibly, it could be genetics, but being cursed is a safe bet.

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Although some may appreciate said reflected rays, I myself tend to find them directly reflecting into my eye. I must admit, I do like the fantasy of running my fingers through his hair, until I’m plagued with images of my fingers forever captured in it.

During the ensuing battle to recapture my fingers, a chunk of his hair will be ripped out and his long hair will be no more.

While gazing up at his luscious golden mane you can allow yourself to be embraced by the smell of the ocean that permanently clings to his curls.

However, not all of us can stomach the smell of fresh, slimy fish, and thus, must reluctantly look on from afar.

They can also show you some tips on how to get your hair dead straight, or they can show you a new eyeliner brand that you’ll happen to fall in love with.

They also tend to have silky hair that demands to be petted, and naturally, you’re willing to oblige.Lastly, I have no desire to be whipped in the face with his mammoth hair when he decides he wants to turn around.The good old pony tail, the one who wears it is a man with simple tastes.The age old dilemma, do I or don’t I think that the long haired male specimen sitting across from me is attractive? When it’s hot, you don’t need that irritating mess anywhere near you- you have your own hair to contend with. I’d like to walk with my partner without getting a fist full of hair in my mouth – despite the fact that he thinks it’s a bonding experience. I like the idea of snuggling with my face pressed up against their hair. However, when it’s hot, that move is definitely a no go.There’s nothing like a lazy afternoon, with you running your fingers through their hair.

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