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Through the website you can search records and build up your family tree, and uniquely it also offers a service to help you track down living relatives and further trace your family. I am the Creative Director and Website Editor for Silversurfers and manage all the social media too.

From search engines to social networks, the web is an incredibly useful tool when you want to find someone, and many people are able to reconnect with their friends and family members simply by searching for their name online and finding a few essential details or a social profile they can contact with.

Finding people in the UK might seem complicated, but in reality it’s incredibly straightforward, and no matter who you’re looking for, with the use of a few simple tools you’ll be reconnecting with your past in no time.

Their names were Dave & Connie Graham from Edinburgh. I'm trying to find a very good friend who I knew in the early sixties - I was extremely fond of him but he was in the army at that time and often overseas. I will be visiting England in September, 2018, and would love to meet up with her. Something like: "I am looking for a beautiful blond girl with blue eyes, met in Scarborough on August 12, 1971.

His name was Steve Thompson and he came originally from Macduff in Scotland and had a aunt who lived at No 6 Fife Street in Banf in Aberdeenshire. Joan Anderson Kirchner Torrington High School, class of 1962Hi im looking for people who went to Hindhouse comprehension sheffield . I was formerly Alison Judge emmigrated to Australia in 1981 . We danced together for most of the evening at the Kit Kat Club.

The People Finder on 192is another free tool you can use when you’re undertaking a fairly basic search, but also has more advanced options to help you with everything from identity checks to finding names on the electoral roll.

If you don’t have enough information about the person you’re trying to reconnect with or can’t track them down with the tools above, it might be worth considering using a specialist website to help you along with your search.From former colleagues to old neighbours, sometimes we fall out of touch with people in our lives who were once important to us.If you’re looking to reconnect with an old friend but are missing essential details like an address or phone number, there are a number of free and paid tools online you can make use of to track them down.I hope you enjoy Silversurfers and all that we offer ...Sally Hello everyone, l'm trying to find a nice couple that my wife and l spent time cruising back to the UK from South Africa in April 1977 on the Windsor Castle. I am looking for a few people, met only briefly, whose names are either incomplete or forgotten, but whose memories are vividly connected to places, dates, events.Many of them have sexually explicit photos posted on their profile pages and they don't want these pics being spread.

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