Loser dating

It takes space and time to separate mentally, physically, and emotionally from a former mate.In the challenging process of individualization, some people live with unrealistic hopes of getting back together.

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There’s no better way to go in circles with a former lover, than clinging to them after the breakup.

Allow time to pass and for grief to come full circle, before attempting to reconnect (if at all).

Answering honest questions regarding the intentions, attraction, and motivations of the former relationship will help process the loss.

Purging sorrow immediately will prompt a more easeful recovery.

It’s unfair to start a new relationship when in an emotionally messy state of mind.

Mourning and accepting the reality of the situation helps set a healthy mental perspective.

This leads to rehashing old arguments after the decision to split has already been made, resulting in ongoing irresolvable issues. Letting go without turning back promotes a quicker and easier recovery.

Maintain dignity by refraining from humiliating reconciliation.

Acknowledging feelings of sadness is the only way to get over someone.

Watching sad movies, listening to sad songs, or reading sad books are also helpful ways to allow sad feelings to surface.

A one-sided breakup is more unsuspected, and the disappointment or failure is more difficult to accept.

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